West Irondequoit Foundation's IHS Eagle Auction For the Holidays

Scroll down to the item and click the Eagle image or the "IHS Gym floor" title to reach the auction and place your bid!

Total raised
Bids: $1,975.00
Donations: $250.00
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Items in this auction are being sold by Jeff DiVeronica.
Contact name: Jeff DiVeronica
Email: wif@westiron.monroe.edu
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Items in this auction are subject to an automatic extension feature. If a bid is received within 10 minutes of expiry, bidding is extended by 10 minutes. These times, and the number of extensions which may take place, may be changed by the auction administrator without notice.
Bids for items in this auction are in US Dollars.
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1 auction item

Item Price # bids # bidders Highest bidder Auction end time
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for Jacob
Auction end time:
2:10pm 14 Dec 2021