transparent pricing

With AirAuctioneer, you pay per auction item - and that's it!

When you list an item for auction, you use one item credit.
We sell item credits in bundles, with savings for larger auctions.
There's no account fee and no per-transaction fee*.

Our credit bundles
Auction items Price USD
First 5 Free
5 $25
10 $50
20 $75
50 $100
100 $125
200 $150
  • New accounts are granted five free item credits
  • A credit is used each time an auction item is created
  • A credit is reinstated if an auction item is deleted with no bids
  • Credits have no expiry date
  • Extra credits can be purchased at any time
  • More than 200 items? Contact us.

* If you choose to collect payments online, our payment processor, Stripe, will charge a fee for each transaction.
This varies by country, e.g. USA: 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction, Australia: 1.75% + A$0.30 per transaction.
Check here for Stripe pricing in other countries.
We do not add any surcharge on the fees charged by Stripe.

Our features

  • Easy set-up

    • Aution settings grouped into a clear, logical workflow
    • Shortcut keys for navigating the admin pages
    • Design theme options with font and colour choices
    • Unlimited high-resolution images with each item
    • Custom item categories for filtering views
    • Catalog numbering with auto-increment feature
    • Item cloning and bulk operations for faster setup
    • Run your auction in any time zone and currency
  • Advanced features

    • Buy-now option for each item
    • Deferred start time to allow previewing of items
    • Password protection capability for your auction page
    • Reserve prices to prevent items selling for too little
    • Automatic end-time extensions to prevent sniping
    • Automated proxy bidding up to a bidder's maximum
  • Bidder-friendly features

    • Easy sign-up by connecting with Google or Facebook
    • Smartphone-friendly layouts with responsive design
    • Email notifications to keep track of rival bids
    • Find items quicly with filterable, sortable views
    • Multiple display options for easy browsing
  • Auction management tools

    • Monitor bidding and analyse results using sortable, filterable, downloadable views
    • Your choice of self-managed or online payment collection
    • Order management tools for keeping track of payments
    • Collect donations through your auction page (when using Stripe)
    • Live event features to enable bidding to continue offline after expiry