How it works

AirAuctioneer enables fundraisers and businesses around the world to run an online auction.

Through our clear and simple user interface, you’ll create your own customized auction page and add as many auction items as you need, each with unlimited high-resolution images. Then, invite participants by sharing your unique auction page URL and watch as the bidding progresses.

When the auction is over, you have the choice of managing payments yourself or taking card payments online using our Stripe settlement facility.

  • Setting up your auction

    • Connect an account

      Connect with a Google or Facebook account, or sign up using just your email address.

      Every auction account enjoys all the features of AirAuctioneer - there are no complicated options to choose from.

    • Build your auction

      We designed our site to make auction administration simple and intuitive.

      You’ll create a customized auction homepage, featuring your own logo or banner image, then add your auction items - each with an unlimited number of high-resolution images.

      Fine-tune how your auction will operate with a full set of helpful features.

    • Spread the word

      Share your unique auction page URL with potential bidders by Facebook, Twitter, email... and let the bidding begin!

  • Bidding

    • Browse the auction

      Anyone who has your unique URL can visit your auction homepage and browse through your items.

      If you’d prefer to run a private auction, you can require users to enter a password of your choosing before they gain access.

    • Connect an account

      Bidder registration is as simple as connecting a Google or Facebook account, or signing up using an email address.

    • Get bidding!

      Bidding is simple and fun with AirAuctioneer.

      Our helpful bid management features make it easy for bidders to keep track of the items they’re bidding on and to monitor the competition, ensuring you raise the maximum amount.

      Bidder features include on-screen displays of live bids, highlighting items where the user has been outbid, and optional automated emails prompting the user when a higher bid comes in for one of their items.

    • Live events

      AirAuctioneer works smoothly with live events. You can either keep the bidding online during the event, with bidders using our mobile-friendly pages, or freeze online bidding prior to the event (for all or just some of your items) and take the final bids in person with a live auctioneer.

  • Closing your auction

    • Automated notifications

      As bidding ends on each item, send an automated email to the winning bidder, with customizable text explaining how to pay for and collect their item.

      Bidders winning multiple items at the same time will receive just one email, reducing inbox clutter.

    • Payment

      You can choose either to manage payment collection yourself, or allow winners to pay online by debit or credit card, using our Stripe settlement facility.

      It's quick and easy to set up a Stripe account, and we'll guide you to the registration page when you choose this payment option.

    • Order management

      Keeping track of winning bidders is easy with our order management features.

      As payments come in through Stripe, or as you mark items as having been paid offline, you’ll see the order status move to ‘Completed’ and you’ll know you’re ready to deliver the item.

    • Collection or delivery

      Your auction homepage will explain to bidders how you’ll distribute items after the auction ends.

      You might choose to hand over the items in person, or request address details from the winners and send the items by mail.