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AirAuctioneer is the simple, affordable auction platform for fundraisers and business

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  • Easy to use

    Our goal is simple: to make hosting an online auction easier than ever before

  • Affordable

    Auction five items for free, then pay per item.
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  • Fully international

    Run your auction in any time zone, with bidding in any currency, and reach bidders the world over

Who is it for?

  • Schools

    Run a fundraising auction for your school with donations from parents and supporters

  • Clubs

    Raise money for a sporting or social club - perhaps together with a live event

  • Businesses

    Auction surplus stock, offer deals to employees or raise money for a good cause

  • Non-profits

    Run an online auction as a stand-alone fundraiser or as part of a live event

  • Individuals

    Raise money for a business venture, an expedition, or any other worthy cause

How it works

  • Create your auction

    Choose your auction layout, add your logo or banner image, then add your auction items – each with any number of high-resolution images.

  • Let bidding commence

    Share your customizable auction URL with potential bidders, who will browse your items using smartphone-friendly layouts with sorting and filtering options. Bidder registration is as simple as connecting a Google or Facebook account, or signing up with email address and password. Bidders can keep track of rival bids through helpful views and email notifications.

  • Closing your auction

    Send automated emails to the winning bidder as each item finishes. Choose to collect payment in person or online using our Stripe settlement facility. Keep track of bidders’ checkout progress with simple order management views.