Measure, Jo Chew (#069)

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Jo Chew
42cm x 30cm
Acrylic on paper

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Jo Chew’s practice explores ideas of vulnerability, loss, hopefulness, and longing, often depicting incomplete, temporary, and nomadic structures. Working across painting, collage, sculpture and assemblage, her work responds to personal experiences, while also highlighting the problematic nature of dwelling, housing, and connection to place in contemporary times.
Jo was selected for the 2022 Churchie National Emerging Art Prize and the 2019 Hatched National Graduate Show, she was the recipient of the Zonta Emerging Art Prize at the 2022 Women’s Art Prize and was a finalist in the 2022 Glover Prize. Currently completing her PhD at the University of Tasmania, Jo Chew is represented by Despard Gallery in nipaluna/Hobart where she lives and works.

This piece is part of a larger series of drawings of a dovecote in various stages of presence and absence titled ‘A Song for the Unsettled’. The title ‘Measure’ is a reference to the hourglass that the diagonal divisions within this drawing suggest.

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