The bad: Floods have devastated the Northern Rivers.

We’ve watched homes and cars destroyed, belongings battered and gone; things people have spent their lifetimes’ building. We’ve seen roads collapse and wash away, hills turn into mudslides, and entire forests upheaved. Thousands of us have lost access to food, water, electricity, medical equipment, telecommunications, and just basic supplies, with little relief. 

But we’ve witnessed something incredible...

That’s the good: the amazing efforts from the people around us.  

Hundreds are stepping up and helping: hiking KMs to hand-deliver nappies to cut off families, sourcing private helicopters to deliver emergency supplies to isolated residents, rebuilding bridges and roads from scraps so supplies can be trucked in. They’re working relentlessly, putting jobs, families, and homes on hold to support and restore their community. 

But this effort is going to take months. 

Which is the beautiful part: how you can help.

Huge aid and rebuilding efforts are required over the next few months. Many will need all the financial and physical support we can collectively muster. 

Introducing the Rebuild the Northern Rivers Flood Fundraiser, featuring dozens of items generously donated by businesses across Australia, ready for you to bid on or buy-now. (There are no words for the thanks we owe to those who have generously contributed. 

At the end of the auctions, all donations will be split three ways to:

1. Good360's NSW Flood AppealGood360 is a matchmaker, connecting brand-new goods donated by businesses to people and communities who need them the most. Good360 gets the right goods, to the right people, and at the right time, helping through all stages of disaster recovery. Their goal's to help local communities recover and rebuild, all the while providing hope and dignity. 

2. Bundjalung Community Flood Raiser by Koori Mail: Koori Mail is WHOLLY owned by five Bundjalung Aboriginal community organisations: Bundjalung Tribal Society at Lismore, Bunjum Co-operative at Cabbage Tree Island, Buyinbin Co-operative at Casino, Kurrachee Cooperative at Coraki, Nungera Co-operative at Maclean. Your donation will support these communities to rebuild in the wake of these floods. 

3. Byron Community Centre in partnership with the Northern Rivers Community Foundation: Your donation will go through the Byron Community Centre, who are working in partnership with the Northern Rivers Community Foundation, to ensure every dollar will be 100% provided to locally-based needs. The Flood Relief Fund will distribute the donations via immediate grants to community organisations across the region for the quickest and most effective support. Your donation will support community and neighbourhood centres, emergency relief hubs, housing and homelessness services, support groups for domestic violence and mental health, crisis support, food pantries, and environment and wildlife conservation organisations.

Air Auctioneer has generously donated the use of their platform. Stripe will take a 1.75% processing fee we cannot avoid, however a donor is personally covering this cost. No organiser or admin fees. Everything has been donated. Which means that EVERY dollar raised will be directly donated.

So? Take a peak, see what you like. Tell your mates. And make your bid.

The Northern Rivers will thank you tenfold for it.

Signed NR. 

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Donations: $2,825.00
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