OLG Teacher Bonus 2023

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The purpose of the OLG Teacher Bonus Auction is to recognize the outstanding efforts and dedication of the Our Lady of the Gulf Catholic School teachers. These amazing and highly qualified individuals work at a salary that is less than 75% of what they could earn in a public school. They work at this small parochial school to offer a strong faith-based education in the Light of Christ. The auction concludes at the school’s Annual Volunteer and Teacher Appreciation Banquet the evening of May 17th.


Sponsors and auction winners will be announced at the end of this event.

Total raised
Bids: $7,605.00
Donations: $2,905.00
Items in this auction are being sold by Theresa Dent.
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Items in this auction may be subject to an undisclosed reserve price. Item prices which do not meet the reserve are marked . Should the leading bid at expiry not meet the reserve price, the item will not be sold.
Bids for items in this auction are in US Dollars.

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Heaven's Kitchen (7th grade Pacakge) (#13)

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Pamper Me Basket (#16)

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Best Sports Party EVER! (#18)

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Grateful Grazing TABLE (#19)

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Grateful Graze - Party of 5 (#20)

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Grateful Graze CAKE (#21)

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