Dragons Blood

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This art piece was created using the method of Acrylic Pouring. We mixed paint with a fluid additive, poured each colour into a cup and flipped it over onto the canvas. As we slowly lifted the cup, various colours, patterns and swirls were revealed. There were screams of excitement as we tilted the canvas side to side revealing more colours, cells and swirls. There was also a lot of mess!

Value: Priceless
Bidding ended: 12:00pm, 16 December 202212:00pm, Friday 16 December 2022Australia/Melbourne
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SANDEEPAHLAWAT 11:59am 16 Dec 2022 $250
Katrina Hudlass 11:57am 16 Dec 2022 $246
SANDEEPAHLAWAT 11:45am 16 Dec 2022 $242
john_17 10:38pm 12 Dec 2022 $240
Dan MacDonald 7:32pm 12 Dec 2022 $200
john_17 7:29pm 06 Dec 2022 $120
M.Jeffers 5:28pm 06 Dec 2022 $100
Katrina Hudlass 7:43am 04 Dec 2022 $50