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NFT / Digital Art
Animated (view below)
Edition of 1
Minted on Hedera

View the animated version below or in its full glory with the sound in the online virtual exhibition.

The winning bid can be paid via bank transfer or by Hbar

If you are new to NFTs - don’t worry. The process is super simple. You can pay via normal bank transfer and then the NFT can be automatically shared with you already in a wallet - that you can easily access. Any winning bidders can also choose to have this process explained over zoom and any other questions they have in relation to owning their new NFT or accessing it, if they would like.

Shingai @shingai
Meaning courageous and Brave, is a Zimbabwean-British singer, songwriter and musician, best known as the vocalist and bassist for the UK indie rock band Noisettes. In 2017, she launched her solo career and released her debut solo album in 2020. A passionate environmentalist and spokeswoman for many social causes.

Damara Ingles @damara_in_ctrl
Designer of Extended Reality Experiences and Virtual Fashion, with a background in Fashion Design and Criticism. Her practice appreciates the materiality and craft of clothes, as well as the emancipatory value of digitalising them - seeing technology as lenses to impact fashion in different fronts, so that it becomes more inclusive, sustainable and disrupted by innovative voices.
Recently Damara collaborated with VR designer SUTU on a first-of-its-kind immersive Fashion Show "Fabric of Reality", produced in collaboration with the Fashion Innovation Agency, Kaleidoscope and Verizon Media. Their piece Symbiotic_Wear, part of the F.O.R. is exhibited at the Museum of Other Realties. She also also awarded the 2019 Kering Awards prize.

Bidding ended: 12:00am, 5 September 202212:00am, Monday 5 September 2022Europe/London


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Bidder e85c4 8:29pm 28 Jul 2022 £500