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NFT / Digital Art
Animated (view below)
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Minted on Hedera

The winning bid can be paid via bank transfer or by Hbar

If you are new to NFTs - don’t worry. The process is super simple. You can pay via normal bank transfer and then the NFT can be automatically shared with you already in a wallet - that you can easily access. Any winning bidders can also choose to have this process explained over zoom and any other questions they have in relation to owning their new NFT or accessing it, if they would like.

Denis Scheckler @Pills_for_skills
A digital artist. Always in search of inspiration. He finds it by looking through thousands of forgotten photographs and pictures which never attracted the proper attention or praise. Re-inventing these images into something original, funky and sometimes absurd but often reflecting a social issue - in order for these lost images and photographs to be given a chance to seen again by the world and hopefully respected this time.

Bidding ended: 12:00am, 5 September 202212:00am, Monday 5 September 2022Europe/London


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