David Csicsko: Kid's Peace Love Health Happiness Mask, #2

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This kid-sized PrideMasks features Peace Love Health Happiness by David Lee Csicsko—the well-known Chicago artist, designer and social media influencer with a bold, graphic style. Kid-sized PrideMasks constructed from compact High-performance Extra Matte Polyester making it soft to the touch, non-abrasive, and lightweight.

Child: 7.5" wide x 4" tall
Toddler: 5" wide x 4" tall

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David Lee Csicsko is an internationally recognized and celebrated designer and artist currently living and working in Chicago, Illinois. During his 30 year career, David has engaged in a wide variety of projects at nearly every scale; from small privately commissioned prints to to his more recent explorations of the possibilities inherent in working with stained glass and mosaics at large scales. These monumental projects have included work for hospitals, universities, elementary schools, churches, and various private homes.

While David’s aesthetic and striking use of color and pattern is distinctive, each project he engages in is entirely unique. Through his work, David celebrates the diversity and richness of the human imagination, and expresses the joys of life through his dynamic use of color, bold graphics and playful patterns.

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