Hilleberg Keron 4 GT Camouflage

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This is an official and exclusive charity auction put on by Hilleberg the Tentmaker for the ONLY Hilleberg tent that has ever been produced with a camouflage colored outer tent!

We have been asked about making camouflage tents, but it is not something we are currently planning on doing, and we have not had any camouflage tents in our line in our 50 years of making tents. However, once upon a time, some years ago, we made a sample Keron 4 GT with a woodland camo pattern outer tent. Except for the outer tent fabric, this is a standard Keron 4 GT.

The outer tent fabric is a PU coated material with light blocking capabilities, so the tent will be dark inside. The fabric is heavier than the regular Kerlon 1800 and it is not as strong. The packed weight of the tent is 6.6 kg (14lbs 7oz).  This tent has been set up outside a few times so it has some dust and signs of very light use, and the light blocking coating inside has a few imperfections and small scratches. The tent has a standard Keron 4 GT inner tent, black guy lines and no reflectors.

The full amount of the winning bid, except for the processing fee of 3%, will be donated to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) https://www.icrc.org/en. In addition, Hilleberg will match the bid to double the donation up to $10000.

Take this opportunity to own a completely unique Hilleberg product and at the same time make a donation to the Red Cross.

*Upon the end of the bidding Hilleberg will contact the winner and arrange for shipping. The tent will ship from Hilleberg’s USA office in Redmond, WA.

*The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is an independent, neutral organization ensuring humanitarian protection and assistance for victims of armed conflict and other situations of violence. It takes action in response to emergencies and at the same time promotes respect for international humanitarian law and its implementation in national law.


Bidding ended: 9:00am, 14 April 20219:00am, Wednesday 14 April 2021America/Los Angeles


Bidder Time Bid
taiju.hatano 8:07am 14 Apr 2021 $12,001
Eric Han 1:04am 12 Apr 2021 $12,000
政峰 李 1:21am 10 Apr 2021 $11,000
JH Hsu 7:10am 08 Apr 2021 $10,905
詩哲 簡 12:05am 08 Apr 2021 $10,903
리 피 4:18pm 07 Apr 2021 $10,902
sseo 2:03pm 07 Apr 2021 $10,900
建新 周 10:37am 07 Apr 2021 $10,814
TOM Cheung 9:10am 07 Apr 2021 $10,400
WhoWhy 戶外生活 8:56am 07 Apr 2021 $10,200
Kevin Hsiao 8:55am 07 Apr 2021 $10,100
Marcius Lin 8:53am 07 Apr 2021 $10,010
Chan Jason 8:49am 07 Apr 2021 $10,000
信錩 陳 8:49am 07 Apr 2021 $2,222
鼎叡 羅 8:46am 07 Apr 2021 $1,999
裕欽 王 8:43am 07 Apr 2021 $1,888
曉寶 韋 8:42am 07 Apr 2021 $1,788
Keith Hsu 8:41am 07 Apr 2021 $1,717
信錩 陳 8:37am 07 Apr 2021 $1,688
Rune Hansen 8:35am 07 Apr 2021 $1,300
聊戶外 阿光 8:35am 07 Apr 2021 $1,200
sseo 8:33am 07 Apr 2021 $1,000
野遊x道具 米の 8:33am 07 Apr 2021 $800
MarkN 8:09am 07 Apr 2021 $750