Kids Fizzy Bath Powder Mega Pack (27 Packages of Bath Powder)

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27 Packages of Fizzy Bath Powder with Mini Unicorns or Sea Creatures!

Bath powder for littles that's clean as freshly fallen snow, with a hint of lavender.
(You are buying 27 packages of Fizzy Bath Powder. Some Magical Unicorn and some Sea Creations.)

This is a completely pure and non-toxic product with Lavender and Sage essential oils. All ingredients are organic even though it may not be listed on the label because the label is small and some products, like Pink Himalayan Salt, are naturally organic. The salts are fine grain and highest quality. We don't add dyes. This powder looks like pure, freshly freshly fallen snow.

Magical Unicorn Fizzy Bath Powder
(includes a baby unicorn)

Two Colors ...
This pack includes 9 white packages and 8 pink packages.
The white powder looks as pure as snow. The pink is colored with a small amount of beet powder.

**Recommended for ages 3+; Fizzy bath powders contain coconut oil; please keep in mind that oils can make bathtubs slippery. Some children may be sensitive to citric acid, though it is an active and necessary ingredient.

Organic Essential Oils: Kid safe lavender essential oil (ages 2+)

Size: about 2 oz, enough for 1 bath (includes a mini unicorn, recommended for ages 3+)

See Video: Magical Unicorn Fizzy Bath Powder Video

Sea Creations Fizzy Bath Powder
(includes a sea creature)

This bath powder includes cute little fishes and sea creatures ... You'll find dolphins, puffer fish, whales and other cuteness. Each bag includes one fish or sea creature. These bags are about 2oz of powder, enough for 1 bath. This pack includes 10 Sea Creations Fizzy Bath Powder packages.

Organic Essential Oils: Kid safe lavender and sage essential oils (ages 2+)

Size: 2 oz, enough for 1 bath (includes a mini sea creature, recommended for ages 3+)

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