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Is your child tired of being told what do at school? Here's the answer! The winner of this item will be able to nominate a child to act as headmaster of the Ivy School for a day.

The stand-in head will address the morning staff meeting, patrol the school grounds during break time and represent the school at a city council meeting in the evening.

An experience of a lifetime!

Catalog number 003

Bidding ends: 9:00am, 31 December 20209:00am, Thursday 31 December 2020America/Los Angeles


Bidder Time Bid
erikag 7:02am 11 Mar 2020 $5,501
Rachael Oakes-Ash 2:58am 04 Feb 2020 $5,500
stikimii 5:40am 24 Jan 2020 $5,202
bkay10 5:53am 08 Jan 2020 $5,200
Qoshqar Nuriyev 2:42pm 06 Dec 2019 $5,048
Qoshqar Nuriyev 2:41pm 06 Dec 2019 $5,037
Qoshqar Nuriyev 2:40pm 06 Dec 2019 $5,013
Qoshqar Nuriyev 2:40pm 06 Dec 2019 $5,004
auctionspia 11:26pm 21 Nov 2019 $5,001
cory exelby 11:32pm 15 Oct 2019 $5,000
bsteggall 11:46pm 05 Aug 2019 $4,500