Aegir Technologies 2024 Fundraising Auction

Welcome to the 2024 fundraising auction by Aegir Technologies. 

Following our hugely successful online auction last year, this year we will once again be raising funds for the Aegir Foundation, a charitable trust benefiting disadvantaged children in our city.

The auction is open to all, so please share this page with your friends and family - the aim is simply to raise as much money as possible.

Screens in the office will show the live bid monitor so you can watch the bids come in.

----- This is an example auction for demonstration purposes only. Feel free to bid! ----

Fundraising target
Running total
Bids: $7,578.00
Donations: $1,000.00
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Auction terms and conditions

All the items here are listed for demonstration purposes only.

Items in this auction are being sold by Aegir Technologies, Inc..
Contact name: Aegir Technologies
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Items in this auction are subject to an automatic extension feature. If a bid is received within 10 minutes of expiry, bidding is extended by 10 minutes. These times, and the number of extensions which may take place, may be changed by the auction administrator without notice.
Items in this auction may be subject to an undisclosed reserve price. Item prices which do not meet the reserve are marked . Should the leading bid at expiry not meet the reserve price, the item will not be sold.
Bids for items in this auction are in US Dollars.
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4 auction items

#01 Headmaster for the day

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#02 Maldives vacation*

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#03 Headmaster for the day

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#04 Shortbread biscuits

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