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Thank you SO much for joining our VIRTUAL auction for Cake Off 2021: Decades of Cake!

Our incredible bakers, sponsors and volunteers generously give their time and money each year to make Cake Off a success, and 2021 has been no different.

And while a small thing like a global pandemic might have kept us at home instead of enjoying the gorgeous Hyatt Canberra, we know that you - the amazing local community - will still support us in this new format. We have the theme Decades of Cake with both hands and leapt into the 2020s by going virtual! 

Bid early, bid often and enjoy cake!!!


Total raised
Bids: $4,940.00
Donations: $2,762.00
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chu_bernice $20.00
Debbie W $100.00
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Auction terms and conditions

Due to current lockdown conditions restricting travel to your local area, please only bid for cakes that are local to you. The baker's location is listed next to their cake. After paying for the cake you have won, the baker will be in contact to arrange contactless pick up. If your bid is unsuccessful, please consider making a donation at Thank you for your support!

Items in this auction are being sold by Perinatal Wellbeing Centre.
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Bids for items in this auction are in Australian Dollars.

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