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Auction terms and conditions


1 – Action.

  1. The online action operated on this site is for the benefit of the Bronte Surf Lifesaving Club(“the Club”).
  2. A number of items offered for sale may be subject to a reserve.
  3. Bidders may bid for more that one item. The winning bidder on each item offered for sale in the course of the Auction will be the person who has submitted the highest bid by the  deadline and is in excess of any reserved price.

2 – Eligible Bidders

  1. You must be over 18 years of age and by registering, you are warranting you are legally entitled to do so.
  2. You must supply your email address and a contact mobile phone number and by doing so, you agree to these terms and conditions.
  3. All notifications for the online auction regarding the bidding will be sent by email or mobile.

3 – Bidding

  1. All items offered in the Auction listed and offered for sale are on an “as is” basis. Bidders are advised to conduct any research or due diligence on any item prior to making a bid.
  2. A bid made by a bidder is on offer to purchase the item listed at the stated bid price. Any bidder making a bid for an item acknowledges and agrees that their offer is on irrevocable offer to complete the transaction if they are the winning bidder the bid will become a contractually binding obligation to purchase the item at the bid price.
  3. If a bidder bids on an item and that bid represents the winning bid for that item and the winning bid is above or equal to a reserve (if applicable), the bidder’s bid is deemed accepted. The winning bidder may include any under bidder who is awarded the item following the failure of a higher bid for any reason.

4 – Items Descriptions

  1. Items for sale in the Auction are listed on the site with a description and a minimum bid.
  2. Whilst the Club has strived to ensure the descriptions and photographs are accurate and up to date, the club does not guarantee that this is the case and will not be responsible for any damage or loss due to any inaccurate or incomplete description.
  3. Descriptions of items are provided without any warranty of any kind.

5 – Bidding Deadlines

  1. Deadline for bidding on all items are 11:30pm Saturday, October 19 2019 unless the Club at its sole discretion extends the time on any items.
  2. No bids will be accepted on an item after the deadline.
  3. After the Auction closes, the Club will contact the winning bidder to inform the bidder that their bid was the highest and the winning bid and details of how to complete the transaction.

6 – General

  1. These term and conditions may be revised and updated by the Clubs from time to time without notice.
Items in this auction are being sold by Bronte Surf Life Saving Club
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