Artland Collector Auction No. 3

Artland Auctions makes it easy to discover and buy works from private art collections. 

Even the most dedicated collectors need to free up some space from time to time. When they do, they turn to us to help them find loving new homes for selected artworks.

Hosted online, Artland Auctions represents a great opportunity for art lovers around the world to get their hands on unique works, many of which may have never been exhibited before.

How it works   

  • Artland will host the auctions, which will take place exclusively online. 
  • Bidding will take place over a two-week period ending May 19th 6:00 PM (CET)
  • The auctions will feature works owned by collectors in the Artland community.
  • To the winning bid, there will be added a 12.5% administration fee including DK VAT and any applicable artist royalties.
  • After the auction,  Artland will help the winners organize the pickup or shipping

Auction terms and conditions

All bids are binding and there is no right of withdrawal.
The winner of each work will be notified directly with payment and collection details.
The winner of each work must pay the work within 64 hours after the end time of the auction.
There is no shipping included in the winning bid. The location of the work is meantion in the description of the work.
Pick up or shipping must take place within 14 days after the end of the auction.
The works must be paid for before they can be picked up.
Documentation for payment must be presented at collection.

Terms & Conditions Artland:

Terms & Conditions Artland Auctions:



Who is selling the artworks?
Artland Collector Auctions feature artworks belonging to notable collectors that is a part of Artland Community and well known by Artland

Are there any other fees I should know about if I buy an artwork?
Yes. You need to pay a 10% buyer’s commission on the winning bid.

What about transport and shipping?
You will need to communicate with the seller regarding logistics and transportation. Artland can provide buyers and sellers with information on well-respected art logistic companies. 

How do I bid?
To bid on a work, you go to the page with the work and click on "Sign in". Then, log in with your Facebook account, accept the terms (saying that we will receive your email address so we can write to you if you win), and then you are ready to bid.

How do I pay?
After the auction is finished you will get and email where you can click on a link that forward you to a transaction site. can complete the transaction.

Items in this auction are being sold by Artland Collectors.
Get in touch
Items in this auction are subject to an automatic extension feature. If a bid is received within 2 minutes of expiry, bidding is extended by 2 minutes. These times, and the number of extensions which may take place, may be changed by the auction administrator without notice.
Items in this auction may be subject to an undisclosed reserve price. Item prices which do not meet the reserve are marked . Should the leading bid at expiry not meet the reserve price, the item will not be sold.
Items in this auction are sold subject to an administration fee of 12.5%, which will be added to the winning bid.
Bids for items in this auction are in Euros.

Showing 10 of 40 auction items

#001 Frederik Næblerød (b. 1988), Untitled.

Bidding ended
Winning bid
€ 320

#002 Leah Tinari (b.1976), Bottom's Up.

Bidding ended
Winning bid
€ 180

#003 Emma Kohlmann (1989), Come sit on me.

Bidding ended
Winning bid
€ 950

#004 Frodo Mikkelsen (b. 1974), Untitled.

Bidding ended
Starting price
€ 950

#005 Daniel Jackson (b. 1972), Chippy.

Bidding ended
Starting price
€ 400

#006 Marco Schmidt, Copy Paste.

Bidding ended
Starting price
€ 150

#007 Jesper Skov Madsen (b. 1982), Whiskey Grit.

Bidding ended
Starting price
€ 405

#010 Elke Krystufek (b. 1970), The Erl-King.

Bidding ended
Winning bid
€ 700

#011 Cordy Ryman (b. 1971), Checker, 3008.

Bidding ended
Winning bid
€ 700