Art Fights Fire 2020

Art Fights Fire is an online art auction, prompted by the bushfire crisis. Organised by The Design Files, this auction aims to raise funds for Victoria’s Country Fire Association,  New South Wales’ WIRES Wildlife Rescue and Wildlife Victoria

Over 30 remarkable, collectible Australian artists have generously donated their artwork for bushfire relief - with reserve prices set at 50% of their usual price!  

With the help of our incredible community (you guys!), we’re aiming to raise $50,000 in 7 days. If you've ever coveted an artwork by one of these brilliant artists, please dig deep... TOGETHER, LET'S DO THIS!

* Please read our 'Important Info' and Terms and Conditions below before bidding! *

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Auction terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

- The auction ends on Monday January 13th 2020, after which time artwork will be shipped directly from artists to winning bidders via insured courier, co-ordinated by The Design Files.

- Winning bidders must pay shipping costs on top of the amount pledged for artwork.  See 'Important Info' for more info on shipping.

- All bids are final - due to the charitable nature of this auction and the urgency of the relief efforts, we will be donating all funds received within 7 days and therefore we are not able to offer returns or refunds for artwork purchased via this auction.

- All artwork is depicted as accurately as possible, however true colours may vary slightly from those in the photographs depicted on this website.

- As this auction is reward-based, unfortunately donations are not tax deductible. (That’s a requirement of the ATO, however, whether you can claim an artwork purchase on your business is a question for your accountant…!)

- We're not accepting straightforward donations, sorry! That's because we do not have charitable status so cannot offer you a tax deductible receipt for your donation. If you're not in the market for art, but would like to support the cause, we definitely encourage you to donate directly to the CFA, NSW RFS, WIRES or any number of other Australian organisations currently supporting the bushfure relief effort.

Thankyou so much for your support!


Important Info & Shipping

Important Info 

- 100% of all funds received in this auction will go to bushfire relief (with the exception of a 2.9% credit card surcharge - we have to pay this to use any online auction platform). Funds be split 50/50 between Victoria’s Country Fire Association and New South Wales’ WIRES Wildlife Rescue.

- The auction ends on Monday January 13th, after which time artwork will be shipped directly from artists to winning bidders via insured courier, co-ordinated by The Design Files.

- Winning bidders must pay shipping costs on top of the amount pledged for artwork. Unfortunately shipping cannot be calculated inadvance as it is based on painting size, your location, and the location of the artwork. Insured art shipping may cost anywhere between $50 - $600 per painting within Australia depending on artwork size, its location and your location. Typically, shipping a medium sized painting from Melbourne to Sydney with insurance costs around $250, whilst shipping a medium sized artwork 5km within one city (with insurance) costs around $60. We'll reach out to winning bidders via email to coordinate shipping, and we'll get you the best possible quote. And YES you can collect the artwork in person, if you are able to.

- We welcome international bidding however please be aware that international insured artwork shipping in incredibly expensive - shipping from Australia to the US, for example, costs around AU$1000. 

- If you're thinking of bidding but would like an estimate of shipping costs before you bid, please contact and and we will do our best to get an insured shipping quote for you before the bidding ends.

- Once the auction is complete, all winning bidders will be contacted directly via email to organise shipping of their artwork.

THANKYOU so much for your support!

Items in this auction are being sold by Lucy Feagins of The Design Files.
Contact name: Lucy Feagins
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Bids for items in this auction are in Australian Dollars.

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'Python Medicine', 2018 by Karlee Rawkins

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'New Garde', 2020 by Bec Smith

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'Prismatic' by Rowena Martinich

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'Double Up II' by Stephen Baker

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'Camellia 2', 2019 by Laura Jones

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'Subterranean' by Hannah Nowlan

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'Untitled 1', 2020 by Reko Rennie

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