Alexandria Bay Rotary Club Silent Auction 2021

Alexandria Bay Rotary ClubThe funds raised from this Silent Auction help support our Community Projects such as ACS Scholarships, Public Rest Rooms, Senior Citizen Boat Tour, Christmas Food Baskets, Small Fry Fishing Derby, NYS High School Clay Target League and Odyssey of the Mind to name a few.

Thank you for your support.
Alexandria Bay Rotary Club

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Auction terms and conditions

1. The Online Silent Auction will run from Saturday, September 25, 12PM, thru  Sunday, October 17, 12PM, 2021.

2. To make a bid on the Silent Auction you will need to set up an account by following the prompts on the auction website. If you have any difficulty setting up your account or if you require any further assistance or information, please email Craig at

3. Bidders may bid on as many times as they like for as many different items as they choose.

4. Bidders must be aged 18 or over or 21 or older to purchase alcohol items and provide proof of age at pickup.

5. If you wish to check any information about a specific auction item – please do so before you bid by emailing Kristy at

6. After making a bid you will receive an email to confirm your bid.

7. Payment of winning bids will be via credit/debit card. Winners will be sent an email confirmation. Winning bidders consent to initiating payment(s) on their behalf and agree to the cost of credit card transaction fee.

8. After payment has been received the winning bidder will decide to pick up thier item or have it shipped at their expense. There will a 2 week time frame for items to be distributed.

9. Items that will need to be mailed / shipped will be at expense of the winning bidder. 
10. Any dispute during or after the event shall be dealt with the Rotary Chairperson discretion and this decision shall be absolutely final. Under no circumstances, whatsoever, will any liability be attach to the Alexandria Bay Rotary Club of NY or the organizer or the AirAuctioneer. Nor will any compensation be payable as of right to anyone participating in the auction. 

11. For the avoidance of doubt, the acceptance of a bid is not intended to create legal relations between either:
~ The rotary club, their members, representatives or agents; or
~ The donor; or
~ The bidder

12. The Rotary makes no warranty or representation of any kind about any item or services sold. Please inspect or make enquiries where possible.

13. The rotary, their members, representatives or agents have no responsibility and ALL items are taken at your own risk, all items sold "as is".

14. The details of the items are correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of auction.

"Sign Up" Help / Contact Info

To View Auction Items:
     -You do not need to sign in to view auction items
     -Scroll down to view auction items 
     -Click on item image for details about that item

 To place a bid you will need to Sign in and Register
1. Sign Up - It's Free and it's Easy!
     -Click on Sign in, top right corner  (or if you are viewing an item detail, you will be able to sign in there and create an account as well)
2. You will be given three options to Sign up and create an account
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           sure no one else has created an account in your name.
               -Open your email
               -Follow the steps to verify your account
               -This will complete the registration process.
               -Enjoy the Auction!

Any technical questions please contact Craig at
Any questions about any of the auction items please contact Kristy at

Enjoy the auction!

Items in this auction are being sold by The Rotary Club of Alexandria Bay NY.
Contact name: Kristy Reynolds
Telephone: 315-778-9543
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