UFFSports Auction - NHL Fantasy Franchise

UFF Sports Auction — NHL Fantasy Franchise

Welcome to the UFF Sports NHL Fantasy Franchise Auction! The winners of these auctions will get to draft their teams from a pool of available players. They will OWN their franchise and players as digital assets and will get to keep them forever.

There is only ONE hockey league on our platform, with only 31 people ever competing on it. 31 fantasy franchises = 31 real NHL franchises. Only ONE person on the platform will own McDavid, only ONE will own Crosby. Franchises have 23-man rosters. That is the max, you can have less at any point in time if you wanted. Franchises also have an empty 27-player protected list that they can fill by purchasing prospects from scouts or the free-agent pool. Protected lists can include any prospect 18 years or older that is not in the NHL and can include a player that clears waivers. An owner does not have to fill their protected list at all, they can fill it over 5 years, all up to them, but if they want to build for the future, that is a tool to use.

Waivers work the same as the NHL. If you want a player off your NHL roster, you need to put him on waivers. When that is done, all franchises will be notified and there will be a timed auction for that player. If the player sells, the franchise owner will get that money. If the player does not sell, he clears waivers and goes onto your protected list. If you want him off your protected list, you buy the player out ($10USD).

All trades need to be approved by a commissioner. Money can be included in trades but players need to be involved on both sides, it cannot just be a player-for-money trade.

Salary cap is always in effect — using actual NHL salaries for all players and complying with both the ceiling and floor limits.

The league is set up exactly like the NHL. 2 Conferences, 2 divisions in each conference. We determine this by where the owners live (as best as possible).

Playoffs will also follow the NHL format. 16 teams make it and franchises will go head to head each round. Unique to the UFHL, our fantasy playoffs occur at the same time as the NHL playoffs — unlike most fantasy leagues where the playoffs occur during the NHL regular season. Our UFHL regular season runs through the end of the NHL regular season, followed by the playoffs for both the NHL and the UFHL.

How is that possible? A playoff draft is held where franchises that do not make the UFHL playoffs will loan out their players from NHL playoff teams. Those players will be put into a pool and the UFHL playoff teams will do a draft to fill out their 23-man rosters and replace their players from non-playoff NHL teams. This draft ensures all the UFHL playoff teams start with the same amount of players — for the first round. Making it more interesting, if those loaned players end up on a team that wins prize money in the UFHL playoffs, the players will take a small portion of that prize money back to their original non-playoff team. It keeps everyone involved and interested in the UFHL playoffs — cheering on their team as well as their players!

All prices are in USD. You will bid in USD but you will be paying for the franchise in Ethereum or Bitcoin. Step by step assistance for this payment process will be available if needed.

We are using crypto currency for a few reasons:

1. We plan to be worldwide, we already have a franchise owner from Finland and crypto currency will help us out by only having to deal with one currency.

2. We are on the blockchain, and anyone in the world can go and view the blockchain, it has all the transactions made by crypto, so it makes what we do with the money all transparent and anyone can see what we do with the money. So no hiding anything.

3. It allows franchise owners to actually OWN their players as digital assets. Each player is a token, so that token goes into your wallet (aka account) and you are the only one in the world to own that token. So right now one of our owners owns the McDavid token, it can never be duplicated, he is the only one in the world to own it. Just adds a neat aspect to all of it.

4. Also we believe crypto currency is the way of the future and we want to be an advanced platform.

The rosters for the following franchises will be put into the draft pool where the 8 new owners will draft their teams once all are sold: Panarin, Wilson, Pettersson, Malkin, E. Kane, Perron, Josi, Teravainen. Those rosters were auto-picked during the initial UFHL draft.

Current UFHL owners who previously purchased auto-picked rosters through franchise auctions will also have the opportunity to join this redraft — putting their team back into the player pool if they so desire. There could be as many as 14 rosters available in the redraft. A draw will be held to determine that draft order.

Below are the links to view the standings and rosters of all franchises, the available players/free agents that you can trade for once you own a franchise, plus the rules and scoring system.

We are using Fantrax for this half season until our own platform is 100% up and running, which we are shooting for the beginning of next season.

Redraft Player Pool: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RI9fmt5vsFoRsxfRCWXAy2bK1evho7P_/view

Standings and rosters: https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/h3229u2ek5k459yd/standings

Rules and Scoring System: https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/h3229u2ek5k459yd/rules

If you have any questions, please email us at uffsportsofficial@gmail.com or DM us on Twitter @uffsports. Happy bidding!

Contact name: UFFSports

Email: uffsportsofficial@gmail.com

Contact name: UFFSports
Email: uffsportsofficial@gmail.com
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