127 - “Land (scaped) [Land(scaped)] [Landscaped]”, Amanda Degener and Barbara Schubring, Value: $200

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The accordion structure unfolds in a progression of shape and image which moves from the natural to the urban. This title was partially funded and made at the Sherman Mill in Deer Isle, Maine. Degener's work "explores the inter-relationship between environment in both the material and spiritual world... (it) draws attention to nature and it evokes feelings towards the environment that we more typically reserve for other humans: love, empathy, compassion, and care."
Dimensions: 6.5" h x 12" d, width variable


Amanda Degener, a leading figure in the field of hand papermaking and paper arts, has been a proprietor of Cave Paper since 1992. Cave, a production hand papermaking mill is known for its durable papers, made from flax, cotton and abaca; dyed with combinations of black walnut hulls, indigo, red iron oxide or persimmon. Cave’s papers are desired by artists, bookbinders and fine publishers worldwide as indicated by an increase in production from 1990 (400 sheets per year) to 2019 (10,000 sheets per year). In 2012, Degener and her partner (from 1994-2017) Bridget O’Malley received the Friends of the St. Paul Public Library Book Artist Award, which included the exhibition and catalog Handmade Paper and the Artful Book.
Degener earned a BFA degree in visual arts from Bennington College in 1980 and a MFA degree in sculpture from Yale University in 1984. From 1985-1992, she worked at Hand Papermaking, a journal devoted to the art and craft of handmade paper, which she founded/published with Michael Durgin. She taught papermaking, artists' books, 2D and 3D Foundation and sculpture at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design from 1994-2005. At the Minnesota Center for Book Arts (MCBA), Degener was first artist-inresidence (1984-1987) and first Artistic Director (1997-1998). Other accomplishments include exhibitions, publications, collaborations, commissions, residencies and grant awards. Her work has been collected by the Newberry Library and the Library of Congress, among others.


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