114 - Carved Stoneware Pitcher, Cynthia Bringle, Value: $250

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“Making work has been my life and joy for over 50 years. When a kiln comes out, I spend time looking to figure out what will come next. Each pot is a one off, be it a vase or mug. My pleasure is in the making and I hope yours in the use.”

Cynthia Bringle

Dimensions: 7" h x 7" w x 6" d


There’s a reason Cynthia Bringle received the North Carolina Award for Fine Art in 2002 before being recognized in 2009 as a North Carolina Living Treasure. She’s beloved not only as a potter whose work can be found in museums and individual collections around the country, but as a teacher, and mentor, too. She is passionate about creating work that people appreciate as well as use. A lifelong learner, she continually looks at her work with a critical eye, wondering how to take it to the next level.


Catalog number 114

Value: $250
Bidding ended: 3:00pm, 20 May 20213:00pm, Thursday 20 May 2021America/New York


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Judith Felsten 1:17pm 17 May 2021 $325
peters4961 7:31pm 12 May 2021 $300
pattypyle 7:38pm 10 May 2021 $100
Kegg 9:27pm 08 May 2021 $75