PINKWASHING: Celebration, 2018 Richard Harding

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PINKWASHING: Celebration, 2018

Richard Harding 

Screen Printed gouache

Edition Number:  Multiple (No edition number)

42cm x 30cm

Pinkwashing was derived from an SBS News broadcast from January 2018 as Australia geared up for the 2108 Gay Pride March in Melbourne and prepared to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. This appropriated image depicts bunting—in hot pink—from the opening ceremony of Veduchi ski resort as a way of denoting ongoing targeted attacks of gay, lesbian and trans people in Chechnya and around the world. The use of celebratory decoration with the colour pink cross references current ‘distracting celebrations’ with histories of oppression.

Instagram: @rapharding

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