Emma Gale | 'Bananas and oranges in white bowl'

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Emma Gale

Bananas and oranges in white bowl
Acrylic on canvas
Value: $800

Celebrating a huge love for colour, shape and texture, Emma Gale’s work is layers and layers of paint. Mark makings of good and bad mistakes are all part of the the visual landscape of her canvas. Emma’s subjects are everyday people doing everyday things, taking inspiration from other cultures and their daily rituals and routines.

100% of funds raised through the auction of this item will be donated to Create Impact, an Australian organisation that works hand-in-hand with remote communities in Ethiopia to provide education, water and health care projects that create lasting impact.

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Value: $800
Bidding ended: 9:00pm, 25 February 20209:00pm, Tuesday 25 February 2020Australia/Sydney
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Bidder Time Bid
madeline.lucas 7:33pm 25 Feb 2020 $1,250
JoJo 7:29pm 25 Feb 2020 $1,200
madeline.lucas 7:28pm 25 Feb 2020 $1,150
JoJo 7:26pm 25 Feb 2020 $1,100
madeline.lucas 8:49am 25 Feb 2020 $1,050
JoJo 3:34pm 21 Feb 2020 $1,000
madeline.lucas 8:55am 19 Feb 2020 $800
Peter Moore 7:54am 19 Feb 2020 $750
madeline.lucas 7:53am 19 Feb 2020 $700
Peter Moore 8:44pm 18 Feb 2020 $650