Set of 10 signed HUMAN-KIND books by Zanni Louise

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Bid for a set of 10 signed HUMAN-KIND picture books, helping kids talk about values and life skills.

Titles include:

Honesty, Persistence, Resilience, Courage, Gratitude, Kindness, Respect, Self-Belief, Teamwork, Imagination

The Human-Kind series offers children and their families a framework to talk about values, the shared beliefs that underpin our lives. Each book introduces and explores the importance of values in everyday life, and gives kids the language to talk about and understand them. Dr. Ameika Johnson provides resources at the back for parents and teachers.

Postage to Australia only.

Value: $200
Bidding ended: 12:00am, 3 April 202212:00am, Sunday 3 April 2022Australia/Sydney
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