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Hand crafted mugs made By Tim Wedel Makes a great gift for ceramics and mug drinking lovers!

Tim Wedel has worked in his Palisade Clay Studio for thirty years creating an impressive body of functional ceramics that has greatly impacted Western Colorado, the community of Palisade and Grand Junction. His home and studio are perched directly above the Colorado River surrounded by orchards and vineyards. He works within a small community of agriculturalists and artisans who value dedication and take pride in investing in their work. In the pieces that come from Tim's studio one can see every minute of maturity that has layered itself over years of exploration.

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Reesa Lee 7:37am 24 Nov 2020 $50
Jennifer Mandeville 6:38am 24 Nov 2020 $40
Reesa Lee 9:29am 14 Nov 2020 $30
Sheri Merz 7:59pm 12 Nov 2020 $25
Jason Smith 6:41pm 12 Nov 2020 $20
Sheri Merz 4:21pm 12 Nov 2020 $15