The Richness of Flow

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The artwork is a photograph of a reflection off the surface of the water of a skyscraper located on the side of the Dubai Marina. The artwork takes its influence from the Central Asian and Middle East art practice of Ebru painting. Ebru painting is a distinctive genre of aqueous art used to produce mesmerizing works. Particularly popular in Turkey and Central Asia, Ebru paintings are produced using dyes, a water-based solution, and a set of unique tools. Like printmaking, Ebru works of art are created by transferring designs, patterns, and motifs onto sheets of paper, fabric, and other canvases. From a Western perspective, the artwork suggests the style of the abstract expressionists such as Jackson Pollock and Wilhelm de Kooning

120 x 120cm
Edition offered: 1. Limited edition of 10
Signed and numbered original fine art print on museum quality archival paper - Canson Edition Etching Rag 310gs

Created: 19 March, 2019.
Location: Dubai Marina, Dubai. United Arab Emirates.

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