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Jonathan Lander, Kalee Holdren, Brian Davis, Alycia Nielsen, Matt McDonnell, Ryan Pietrowski

The caterpillar’s metamorphosis from a tree clinging, 12-legged pest into the majestic flying butterfly is a frequent metaphor for total transformations. It is a truly fantastic mechanism developed by nature that we seek to embody in this chair design. Using the idea of transformation with materiality, we plan to give the form entirely different qualities--just as the squishy, sturdy caterpillar becomes the delicate butterfly. The arms of the chair fall away as “excess,” but take on a new role to demonstrate the shattering of the chrysalis. In our design you will see the evolutionary mechanism at work, and celebrate the beauty of design that will emerge.

Catalog number 09 - Modern Classic Chair

Value: $495.00 +
Bidding ended: 5:00pm, 17 October 20215:00pm, Sunday 17 October 2021America/New York


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