Bushfire Recovery Auction

The Biodiversity Recovery Project was established by John Wardle Architects in February this year. Its mission is to raise funds for the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria to undertake emergency seed collecting and plant rescue trips of critically endangered species in areas impacted by the 2019/2020 bushfires.

All funds raised by the auction will go directly to RBGV. 

“By supporting the Biodiversity Recovery Project, you’ll help RBGV ramp up its Plant Insurance Policy for Victoria by increasing the capacity of its labs and nurseries - the plant hospital if you will – to restore devastated species.  It will enable RBGV to equip its mobile plant rescue vehicles with the best equipment for collecting seeds and build special bushfire recovery areas of its nurseries to propagate plants as quickly as possible for restoration of impacted areas when they are ready.” - Professor Tim Entwisle, Director and Chief Executive at Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria 

Read more about the Biodiversity Recovery Project here: https://www.johnwardlearchitects.com/stories/biodiversity-recovery-project/

Tax-deductible donations

There are two ways to give generously to this initiative. We invite you to bid on the collection of design items we’ve put together, or alternatively you may wish to make a direct tax deductible donation to the RBGV. 

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Auction terms and conditions

Please note, some items will require coordination with John Wardle Architects to arrange suitable times and/or dates for collection. Due to COVID-19 concerns, items that require travel or interaction can be redeemed at a later, more appropriate date.

Bids for items in this auction are in Australian Dollars.

22 auction items

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