#012 Travess Smalley (b. 1986), Vector Weave-Action 5.1 over 5 over 4-CG Colorphotocopy_print 12.

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Vector Weave-Action 5.1 over 5 over 4-CG Colorphotocopy_print 12,
Uv print on sretched vinyl, custom aluminium, stretcher bars, unique
244 x 178 cm / 96 x 70 in

This item is located in Brussels.
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Travess Smalley, born in 1986 and currently based in New York, is a leading figure of the current wave of contemporary art concerned with the image politics of a post-internet world, in his case often by mining psychedelia and reintroducing it into new situations of abstract mediation.

Smalley’s works are visually stunning and almost fetishistically compelling, in recent years evolving into charged objects and images that misleadingly appear to transcend material manifestation and aim for a timeless, almost spiritual experience. But, appropriately enough, it is precisely this materiality that the artist has placed front and center in his approach to the production, circulation, and consumption of imagery today. This has led him into a number of attempts to single-handedly revitalize media considered long dead and forgotten: ceramics, poster design, and collage, to start with. Smalley’s take on such work – no doubt influenced by his early involvement with the second-generation surf club Loshadka(http://www.loshadka.org/) – moves beyond ironic reverence for the visual detritus collected in popular culture online and off, instead shifting to a more analytic mode that launches significant and targeted if microscopic experiments into the mediasphere.

Educated at Cooper Union and Virgina Commonwealth University, Travess Smalley has most recently exhibited at the Drawing Room in London, Preteen Gallery in Mexico City, Foxy Production in New York, and the House of Electronic Arts in Basel, as well as solo presentations at the Gloria Maria Gallery in Milan and Envoy Enterprises in New York. He has just published a book, called “Capture Physical Presence” – that showcases a series of his collages – and collaborated on the cover of “PWR Paper #5”.

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