Mona Broschár, Institio V (2017)

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Mona Broschár (2017),
Institio V,
Watercolour on Paper,
56x76 cm

About Mona Broschár

Mona Broschár (b.1985, Bad Säckingen, Germany) is a painter based in Leipzig, Germany. She studied Fine Art at the Camberwell College of Arts, London and holds a MA in Painting and Printmaking from the Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig.

Through plastic painting, she stylizes banal everyday objects and situations into highly artificial, desirable and sexualized objects. Harmonious and gloomy come in pairs in the scaled-up images that Broschár develops, as they depict a tipping moment, informed by our dazzling consumer, and pop culture. Her paintings are meant to invite virtual consumption, but leave the viewers alone with their desires, since touch is only allowed with the imagination. In this way, the artist addresses the interplay of touch and distance – which has always been indissoluble, not only since digital culture, but specially in painting.

Recent solo exhibitions include ‘Juicy Palace’, Eve Leibe (V-) Gallery (London, 2021); ‘Life is more fun if you play games’, Gallery Maurer (Frankfurt, 2020); and ‘Itchy Flavour’, A&O Gallery Lab (Leipzig, 2019). Her work has been shown at group exhibitions taking place at Eve Leibe Gallery (Florence, 2021), Gallery Maurer (Frankfurt, 2020), Kunsthalle Darmstadt (Darmstadt, 2020), Gallery KUB (Leipzig, 2019), Kunsthalle Basel (Switzerland, 2018), and La Kunsthalle Mulhouse (France, 2018).

Her work is included in the public collections of Sparkassen Arts Centre Collection, Leipzig and the BMU (Federal Ministry for Nature Conservation, Environment, and Nuclear Safety of Germany).

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