Anna Woodward, Brightest Blue and Yellow (2022)

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Anna Woodward, Oil on gesso primed paper, 14.8 x 21 cm

About Anna Woodward

Anna Woodward (b.1998) is a London based artist currently studying an MFA at City and Guilds of London Art School. Woodward’s practice looks to create fantasy worlds that sit between utopia and dystopia, creating a space that is beyond the realm of the viewer's reality. A space where biomorphic forms grow freely yet there is still evidence of the man made.

Woodward works predominantly in oil on canvas, working in a series of layers to create intensity and depth. Woodward is particularly interested in ways of painting and is drawn to contemporary artists such as Julie Curtis and Jane Hayes Greenwood whose practices sit between the surreal and ways of painting. Woodward works in a series of layers that are broken into different painting languages, from the loose washes of oil paint, to highly rendered and velutpous tubes that snake their way around the painting, and metallic rods that are engulfed by the biomorphic forms. All of these aspects come together to create an overgrown and wild world. Woodward is influenced by Heiromous bosch, Dorethea Tanning, Jesse Makinson, Cinga Samson and Rafa Silvares.

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