#078 Galina Bleikh. Thinking Spherically No. 02

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65 x 65 cm
Print on paper
Not framed
Photography, digital graphics, 360° VR mapping generator

About this work:
"I feel a strong inner connection to the unusual olive tree growing near my home. This olive tree was rescued from death and transplanted in a new location, which lies near the spot where it used to grow in the territory of a small town near Jerusalem. The tree has now become the town's symbol. It is 2500 years old, and it certainly "remembers" ancient times. It’s biological memory is a real "database" of our planet. Using the technology of creating 360-degrees mapping for virtual reality (VR) allows me to "turn on" spherical vision and create a cosmogonic feeling of the Creation of the world, which this tree evokes in me. After all, 360 degrees (2π in mathematics) is the reality of our world. At the same time, as an artist, I am interested in the dialogue of a natural object with a new technological reality, which becomes a real co-author of my art works". (Galina Bleikh)

Galina works in New Media Art: digital art concepts, 3d, AR and VR, Bio-art, video art, web-art, generative art, etc. She is interested in how the new technological reality can interact with us through art.

Galina Bleikh graduated from the Stieglitz St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry (MA). Since 1993, Galina Bleikh lives in Jerusalem.

As a New Media artist Galina takes part in many solo and group exhibitions and contemporary art conferences all over the world. Among them: ArtPlatform On, South Korea (2022), The CICA Museum of Modern Art, South Korea (2021), KZ gallery for VR, Russia, (1920), NordArt, Germany (2019), Xposed Gallery, New-York (2019), Haifa Museum of Art, Israel (2018), Street Art Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia (2018), LA Art Show USA (2013), Artco France Gallery, Paris, France (2012), Art Asia Miami, USA (2011), etc.


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