#056 "Newborn Necessities", donated by Kophamer & Blean Realty/ARC Appraisals

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Rainbow Personalized Wood Birth Announcement for Newborn Photo Props, Omokil baby blanket, elephant security blanket lovie, Aquafor diaper rash paste, baby wipes, Baby Magic gift set, Mama Bear Gentle Touch Hypoallergenic diapers and denim hat, Half-gallon motivational water bottle for new moms, labor and delivery inspirational socks, Pink Stork Postpartum Recovery Tea, all in a wicker basket

Value: $140
Bidding ended: 8:00pm, 26 October 20218:00pm, Tuesday 26 October 2021America/Chicago


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Bidder fcf16 5:42pm 26 Oct 2021 $100
Bidder d844c 8:51am 26 Oct 2021 $90
Bidder fcf16 7:46am 25 Oct 2021 $80
Bidder d844c 4:16pm 21 Oct 2021 $70