#094 "Courage, Strength and Hope", donated by Tiffany Marquez, Karie Wheatley and Heritage Woods

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Surround yourself with pink, including Pink Whitney vodka, Barefoot White Zinfandel, 2 wine glasses, velvet plush throw, stainless steel water bottle, chocolates, photo album, fuzzy socks, candle, bath bomb, Purse Mate hook, headbands, deck of cards, all in a lined wicker basket

Value: $65
Bidding ended: 4:11pm, 26 October 20214:11pm, Tuesday 26 October 2021America/Chicago


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Bidder dd9f7 4:11pm 26 Oct 2021 $130
Bidder 28e89 3:51pm 26 Oct 2021 $55
Bidder dd9f7 1:51pm 25 Oct 2021 $45
Bidder fbbe6 12:52pm 25 Oct 2021 $40
Bidder 2d7c8 12:50pm 25 Oct 2021 $35
Bidder dd9f7 4:58pm 21 Oct 2021 $30