Lismore Flood Recovery

Lismore NSW has been hit by the worst flood in living memory. Our beloved community is suffering and the restoration is likely to take months.

Wherever you are, you can contribute by bidding on these wonderful books, artworks and creative services.

All proceeds will go to the restoration of Lismore — to the libraries, galleries, and other cultural and community groups who need our support.

Thank you for giving generously and helping lift spirits. Together, we are stronger.


Total raised
Bids: $49,972.00
Donations: $6,770.00
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Auction terms and conditions

Donated items will be posted and provided by the donor. Please check the postage location and if your location is available for postage before making a bid.

Bids are made in Australian dollars. Auction fees are covered by the adminstrator. No costs are passed on.

Items in this auction are being sold by Zanni Louise.
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Items in this auction may be subject to an undisclosed reserve price. Item prices which do not meet the reserve are marked . Should the leading bid at expiry not meet the reserve price, the item will not be sold.
Bids for items in this auction are in Australian Dollars.
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