Set of 5 Autographed Novels by author David Trawinski

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The author will autograph all 5 books and inscribe one volume to the successful bidder.  The first 3 books are part of the Chopin Trilogy: The Willow’s Bend, Chasing the Winter’s Wind, and War of the Nocturne’s Widow.  The books in the trilogy are the espionage themed adventures of retired CIA Agent Stanley Wisniewski. The novel Ever Blooms the Rose is a Civil War/Reconstruction story co-written with his wife Marie. His newest novel, The Life of Marek Zaczek Volume 1 – Under the Wings of Eagles, takes place from 1772-1797 as Marek grows from a peasant boy to a you man in the period including the Partitions of Poland, the American War of Independence, and the Frence Revolution.

Value: $155
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Kim Durkee 6:24am 18 Jun 2020 $60
anntonette.alberti 4:14pm 14 Jun 2020 $50