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"I definitely love to make stuff.  Currently I am interested in patterns of color on functional ware. I paint three layers of different colored slip on soft slabs, sgraffito through the layers and use a rolling pin to flatten the surface and spread the colors. Sometimes I carve out bits, turn them upside-down and inlay them. These painterly slabs are used to make plates, bowls, cups, vases and teapots."

Dimensions: 1.25" h x 9" w x 9" l


Lana Wilson has given over 85 workshops on handbuilding and has taught in Canada, Israel, New Zealand and South Africa. She has written a column for Clay Times magazine since 1996. Her work has been in over 185 shows and appears in fourteen books including both volumes of The Best of Pottery and Kathy Triplett's Handbuilt Ceramics and several of Robin Hopper's books. She is the author of Ceramics: Shape and Surface, which includes extensive cone 6 and cone 04 electric glazes she has developed. A video "Soft Slab Techniques with Lana Wilson" has been produced on her working techniques and she was a featured demonstrator at 2003 NCECA where a DVD was also produced on her working process. After serving on the board of Craft Emergency Relief Fund for four terms, she is now on the board of Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina. She has appeared twice on Discovery Channel to extol the delights of working in clay while making a teapot.



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