171 - “Shroud for a Former Self”, Emily Schubert, Value: $600

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"When you made two things a long time ago and then put them together for that "oh! now I see!" Moment." - Emily Schubert

Emily made this three-dimensional quilt while she was an Artist-in-Residence at Arrowmont in 2016. It combines embroidery and quilting with an emphasis on color.

Dimensions: 40" diameter


Emily Schubert is an interdisciplinary artist working mainly in the worlds of puppetry, performance, sculpture and collage. She hails from the borderlands between Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky and earned a degree in fiber and textile art from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2013. Since graduating she has worked on costumes for traveling Broadway shows, participated in puppet theater festivals and workshops in Europe, Indonesia, and the United States and has found a passion for organic farming. She is inspired by the fantastical and the everyday and how these shape peoples’ perception of the world. Drawing from mythology, folktales, memories, and personal experience she creates narratives and characters that aim to make some sense of our existence by giving form to our collective anxieties and desires. Enthralled by the emotive power and depth of expression achieved through puppetry and storytelling, she believes that within these realms lies a source of real-life magic that is deficient in much of our daily lives.


Catalog number 171

Value: $600
Bidding ended: 3:00pm, 20 May 20213:00pm, Thursday 20 May 2021America/New York


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equigirl 2:39pm 20 May 2021 $500
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equigirl 10:44pm 19 May 2021 $250
Courtney Jernigan 1:34pm 17 May 2021 $200