133 - “Could You Repeat That? I was Thinking of Something”, Susan Taylor Glasgow, Value: $350

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Dimensions: 15" h x 4" w x 2" d


"A native of Duluth, Minnesota, I migrated south with the geese one fall and studied Design at the University of Iowa. Now a resident of Columbia, Missouri, my studio is a wonderful old 1930’s house in downtown Columbia that my husband and I rescued from demolition. I am a 2002 recipient of Pilchuck Glass School emerging artists grant, a Wheaton Village fellow in fall of 2003, and most recently a resident artist at the Pittsburgh Glass Center. I have been the fortunate recipient of many awards and have work included in the permanent collection of the Carnegie Museum, Chrysler Museum, Museum of American Glass, and several others.

Each sewn glass sculpture starts out as a flat sheet of glass. In my previous life I was a professional dressmaker and seamstress, so I have a comfortable understanding about how to take a flat sheet of material and give it form. Each panel is cut from a pattern designed to match the form I’ve made for it. To establish the three-dimensional shape and holes, each section of the glass is kiln-fired several times. The imagery is imbedded into the glass by sandblasting, and then by rubbing glass enamels into the blasted area to create the black and gray “photo”. The components are then re-fired to 1250 degrees to melt the enamel into the glass. Once cooled, the sections are finally sewn together. Depending on the complexity of the vessel or sculpture, the entire creative process may take two to four weeks to complete."


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Value: $350
Bidding ended: 3:00pm, 20 May 20213:00pm, Thursday 20 May 2021America/New York


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O. Gustavo Plascencia 2:27pm 20 May 2021 $150
blisswerks 8:37pm 13 May 2021 $125