115 - “Tremella Galore”, Hanging Planter, Rebecca Buglio, Value: $200

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This hanging planter takes inspiration from the genus of fungi known as Tremella. When fruiting, it is part of the jelly fungi group with popular names such as witch's butter or leafy brain fungi.  

Made with midrange stoneware with red iron oxide wash and gold luster finish. High temperature wire, brass chain and hook hardware attached.

Dimensions: 20" h, Large planter 5.5" diameter, small planter 4" diameter


Rebecca Buglio is a ceramic artist at a crossroads between functional and sculptural art. Using her fascination with fungi, she captures and preserves moments where familiar objects become lost and altered - highlighting the tangible decay of memory and the beauty of new growth exemplified by nature. Rebecca is program and studio manager at Arrowmont.


Catalog number 115

Value: $200
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