111 - “Rag Rug” Ceramic Bowl, Stephen Biggerstaff, Value: $225

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Cone 5 Oxidation Midrange Porcelain and Stains; Layered colored porcelain, Laminated on a slab, Stretched, Cut into straps and coil built; Clear Glaze Inside. No Glaze Outside.

Dimensions: 4.5" x 9" diameter

Stephen Biggerstaff has been making ceramics seriously for twelve years in Asheville,NC. Stephen has taken multiple ceramics workshops with many artists at craft schools in his region. Stephen rented space at and performed as a studio assistant at Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts. Stephen was mentored by Lana Wilson and assisted her at Penland and Arrowmont, predominantly. Stephen had a career as a landscape contractor in Charleston County area in SC before moving to NC.


Catalog number 111

Value: $225
Bidding ended: 6:51pm, 7 May 20216:51pm, Friday 7 May 2021America/New York


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drsteven 6:51pm 07 May 2021 $335
francesda 6:28pm 07 May 2021 $275
drsteven 6:08pm 07 May 2021 $250
francesda 6:02pm 07 May 2021 $225
drsteven 5:57pm 07 May 2021 $200
francesda 5:48pm 07 May 2021 $175
drsteven 5:42pm 07 May 2021 $150
francesda 5:38pm 07 May 2021 $125
drsteven 5:29pm 07 May 2021 $100
Yolandawho2007 5:09pm 07 May 2021 $75