Centred, Jo-Anne Bateman (#040)

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Jo-Anne Bateman
Mixed Pencil, Paint and Pastel
60cm x 45cm, framed

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Statement from the artist:

Centred was created spontaneously it just flowed from me. Using a cereal bowl and a ruler as my tools to lay down the design geometrically. This painting was created in my art studio in the Huon Valley. This is a space where I can concentrate and centre my mind.

I started in the centre, everything radiated from this point. To me it was like a magical work in progress. I wanted the three outer circular shapes to glisten and the lift the work against the dark background, although the eyes are drawn strongly to the centre, hence the name.

My Life in Art

I was born on Hobart but spent my schooling years in Sydney where I took up painting with a passion, attending East Sydney Technical College (annex). When I was 21 I came back to Tasmania and settled in Hobart. I graduated from The University of Tasmania in 1985 majoring in painting and photography with an Associate Diploma of Art Craft and Design. I have taught drawing and painting to both adults and children over the years.

Recently having a solo exhibition in Queenstown. I presented works to be part of the Artbox Exhibition in Geeveston last year curated by Henrietta Manning. I have done commissions for people working on a variety of subjects.

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