Body Insecure, Kathryn Camm (#006)

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About this item

Body Insecure
Kathryn Camm
30cm Diameter
Hand stitched embroidery onto chiffon

Check out Kathryn's Art on Instagram @kathryn_camm_artist or

Kathryn Camm is interested in the female lived experience. Her practice looks at generational knowledge and experience amongst the women in her family. Often using needle work techniques such as embroidery. She is drawn to the figure in all manners of speaking, whether it be introspectively looking at self. Or extrovertly finding the figure in the natural world around her. She uses drawing as her primary way of making and transforms these into hand stitched embroideries using fine thread. Her works utilise delicate, fine and continuous line to explore the figure and its form. Camm lives and works in Hobart, Tasmania. She has recently been listed as a finalist in ‘The Glover Prize’. She is currently working on a new body of paintings and stitchings featuring the local Orchid life in Tasmania, exploring how closely they are linked to the body and the female form in appearance, action and concept.

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