Hugely Multi Tool box!

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About this item

Any person would love to have this box o'tools!  Nearly anything the Handy-Man or Handy-Woman can use.  Thanks to Mike and Aggie Gesch for a generous donation.

Value: $800.00
Bidding ends: 11:59pm, 7 October 202211:59pm, Friday 7 October 2022America/Chicago


Bidder Time Bid
MB1 8:50am 22 Sep 2022 $225
Patsy Shald 3:18pm 18 Sep 2022 $200
gary.a.barnes 3:17pm 18 Sep 2022 $125
Patsy Shald 2:03pm 18 Sep 2022 $100
gary.a.barnes 1:26pm 18 Sep 2022 $75