"Rising Angels" painting - Acrylic 40x50 cm

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About this item

At the beginning the painter Fatima Dia did this painting as a way to express her feelings towards the tragedy of Beirut's explosion.

When the painting went viral, she decided to sell it in an auction and donate 100% of the amount to the people who lost their homes and were affected by this tragedy; especially those with limited resources.

The auction deadline is August 30, 2020 at midnight (Beirut time).

The winner and money distribution will be broadcasted live on the painter's instagram page @fdia_art to guarantee full transparency.

Update at 8:51pm, 9 August 2020

Please note that due to the restrictions put by banks in Lebanon and in case you win:

  • If you pay using a foreign currency, we will be accepting Western Union transfers, transfers from foreign bank accounts, or cash payment.
  • If you pay in Lebanese Pounds, we accept all kinds of money transfer (i.e. cheque, bank transfers, cash)
Update at 8:26pm, 10 August 2020

We will deliver the painting worldwide to the winner.

Update at 10:09am, 14 August 2020

Dear bidders,

Please note that, once you place a bid, you should send us by email a copy of your identity card or your phone number (where we will send a validation code) to ensure that you are not using a fake account. If this is not done after 24 hours of the bid been placed, your bid will be automatically deleted.
In the final 24 hours, we will only accept bids from people already verified. 

Note that the painting is available to buy now at 200 000$. 
You can make the request to buy it now only by email.
In this case and if the identity of the buyer is verified, the auction will automatically ends.

To contact us, please use the following email: roxana.dia@hec.edu


Bidding ended: 12:00am, 31 August 202012:00am, Monday 31 August 2020Asia/Riyadh


Bidder Time Bid
R. Raad 10:39pm 09 Aug 2020 $1,600
K. EL Zyr 10:32pm 09 Aug 2020 $1,500
R. Raad 10:03pm 09 Aug 2020 $1,200
Rabi Ghanem 9:51pm 09 Aug 2020 $1,100
robert.choueiri 9:35pm 09 Aug 2020 $1,000
Rabi Ghanem 9:34pm 09 Aug 2020 $950