#001 Simon Bigart Inc. Dining Table and Sideboard Fine French Furniture

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Solid Oak Dining Table that sits 10 & Sideboard "Sully" 

By: Simon Bigart France Fine Furniture

Condition: Excellent

The know-how of generations of craftsman combines the love and respect for wood with scale and artistry, to turn out the finest furniture you would care to own. Penetrating right to the heart of the wood, a sure hand guides a tool, shaping and chiseling to find the harmonious lines and forms of the past. Simon Bigart pays the upmost attention to detail in each stage of the creation of thier beautiful furniture. In the selection and treatment of woods, Simon Bigart Inc. have always carefully chosen words from the famous oak forests, rejecting every tree that does not measure up to thier requirements in size or structure. These woods are then dried in the open air in an ancient traditional manner requiring an entire year at least for each centimeter of thickness to assure the high quality of thier solid wood furniture. Much attention and loving care is devoted to assure that woods best adapted to each piece of furniture are used. Works according to the rules and traditions of French carpentry these woods become pieces of furniture assembled by tenon, mortise and the old method of dowels, sculpted and solid form. All furniture in rough oak is prepared and finished with great care to look like an even be mistaken for genuine antiques with cuts, scratches and markings. Then each piece of furniture is soaked in an oxidizing bath to simulate the look of wood aged naturally from contact with light and air. This is followed by successive polishing and buffing’s and many waxings with beeswax leading to a nearly perfect finish. Finally a smoothness and patina will be brought out with the final polish to give it an incomparable sheen - a living and breathing piece of furniture that merits the signature of Simon Bigart.Dining table consist of 8 side chairs, two arm chairs and a sideboard. This items come with third party appraisal with a fair market value of $8500.00. 

Third party appraisalist: AG, ISA AM 

Value: $8500
Bidding ends: 9:00am, 6 December 20209:00am, Sunday 6 December 2020America/Denver
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