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Lot 010

Title:  Lot of 3 Limited Edition Prints

By: 010A: Keith Aspinall | 010B: Iain Wyllie  |  010C: Keith Woodcock G.Av.A.

Limited Edition Prints

Edition: 010A: 93/300 | 010B: 20/260 | 010C: 66/102

Medium: Prints

Size: 16 ½” in x 11 ½” in  

Description: 010A: “Falklands Bomber” by Keith Aspinall. When Vulcan XM607 attacked the airfield at Port Stanley on 30th April 1982, it had flown the longest recorded bombing session at that time. The condition on this print is excellent. Signed   |   010B: “CLOSE ENCOUNTER” by Iain Wyllie. On the 10th of June 1941 en route to Emden Stirling D-MG of 7 Squadron was intercepted by 2 Me-109’s. The aircraft piloted by Flying Officer G.B. Blacklock DFM returned safely to base after shooting down one of the fighters. The condition on the print is excellent. Signed by Gerry Blacklock.   |   010C:  “A FRIDAY IN WINTER” by Keith Woodcock G.Av.A. Halifax “Friday the 13th”. The condition on this print is excellent. Signed.  

Value: 600
Bidding ends: 9:00am, 6 December 20209:00am, Sunday 6 December 2020America/Denver
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