A Foot Zone & LED Harmonic Light Session

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Everything in your body, your muscles, lymphs, organs and bones, are all connected. These signals run through your body and have ending point in your extremities, your hands, ears and even your feet.  

The signals in your feet have been mapped extensively, with unbelievable detail. Working these  signals in a precise order allows our body to start correcting problems, either physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This helps puts our body in a state of balance.

Add to this treatment a Relaxing LED Harmonic Light session... 

Every Body thrives with Harmonic Light. LED Harmonic Light sessions deliver pulsed light wavelengths that studies have shown can travel throughout the body to support optimal health. Research has found that Blue light calms and cleans the skin and surface layers, enhances collagen production, liver function and mood. Red light brings energy, enhanced circulation and detoxification to soft tissue, muscles, skin, organs, glands and gums.

Near Infrared brings energy and enhanced circulation, regeneration and detoxification to hard tissue: bones, tendons, ligaments, joins and teeth.

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